[Quickly Read] Nina replies follower who said she doesn’t make ‘great decisions’

A Twitter user, Creamie has shakes a Reality TV star, Nina Ivy… But she felt much concern about it, and she replied

It all started when Adekunle Gold took to his platform to share the below nuggets

“Life is not that short. If you are 20 today, you’ll be 30 in 10 whole years. If you fuck it up now living very fast because you think you are still young, it might end in tears. Live an eventful life, but with purpose too. Make great decisions today.”

Creamie who agreed with the nugget, tagged the reality TV star to take page from Adekunle Gold’s book.. Apparently, Creamie is of the opinion that Nina isn’t making great decisions.

Nina in response to Creamie wrote; “It would be best if you save this advice for your sisters or children, cos this girl right here doesn’t need it, i’m a grown ass woman who can differentiate her left from her right, so don’t come here and feel you can tag me to any nonsense you think actually makes sense to you.”

Follow the screenshots below;


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