(QUICKLY READ) Nigerian lady narrates how she was allegedly beaten and raped by her childhood friend

A Facebook user has explained how she was held hostage, beaten, and raped by her childhood friend who she went to visit in Ghana after he promised to teach her Forex trading.

Clement Vanessa Ogechi said she knew Emusi Clinton from secondary school, where she was the head girl.

They graduated in 2014 and lost contact until they recently reconnected on Facebook.

Ogechi said Clinton told her he is into Forex trading and promised to teach her how to make money by being a forex trader if she could visit him in Ghana where he is now based.

She said before she left Abuja for Ghana earlier this month, she made him promise he will not ask for sex or anything other than the business that took her to Ghana and he promised.

According to Ogechi, on getting there on October 7, 2019, she found out he’s into online fraud and runs a house where young boys are made to work from morning till night on their laptops with the aim of defrauding innocent people online.

She said he told her that she must work to get him a client before he will give her transport fare to return to Nigeria.

He allegedly locked her in the house and only let her sleep from 12 midnight till 4am, after which she’ll wake up and start working on a laptop.

She also accused him of beating her and raping her twice. She showed photos of her injuries.

She said she eventually escaped early in the morning, on October 11, while everyone was still asleep, and she ran to a police station in Ghana. According to Ogechi, Clinton and his accomplices were eventually arrested and she was able to return to Abuja on Sunday, October 13, at about 3 pm.

She said she’s sharing her story to warn young girls about being too trusting.


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