[QUICKLY READ] “Ike needs to stop following Mercy up and down” – Social media users reacts

Big Brother Naija 2019 has come and gone but there are lot of serious activities going on with the housemates after show’s end that got people talking

These housemates have been introduced to a every big lifestyle, fame, connection and media attention.

Mercy Eke, the winner of the 2019 edition is one of such housemates that have been making money moves since the show ended, from getting brand endorsements to getting her own crib, a four-bedroom duplex.. Mercy is on a roll.

However, in the glimmer of Mercy’s shining star, someone seems to always be in the background being supportive all the way — that person is Ike Onyeama, Mercy’s love interest in the house.

The couple have kept it strong since the show ended and they are almost seen together in any event and indeed everywhere.

Social media users however, are suggesting Ike should stop following Mercy ”Up and Down” and should get to doing his own stuff. Some reactions have been posted on micro-bloggging website, twitter, see them below ;

Melani mami wrote; Ike should stop following mercy everywhere if he’s going to dress like that


Mike is applauded for supporting his wife( applauded for doing the right thing)

Ike is crucified for supporting his girlfriend.

Mike supports and hypes Mercy- Friendship goals. Yay Micy

Ike supports Mercy and claims her with his chest- WHy Is Ike FOllOwing MerCy


4:52 PM – Oct 27, 2019

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Mercy becomes a Landlady, we hype her and congratulate her.

VVIPs:why is Ike always following Mercy around, He MuSt Go WOrK yen yen

We defend Ike for being a supportive partner.

VVIPs : why are you making Mercy’s achievements about Ike.

Im leaving this app


3:56 PM – Oct 27, 2019

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@Frankie_Best_G: Ike is a wise guy and he knows what he is doing, and for ike to be following mercy around means there is something he want from her and once he get it he will dump mercy and go after his love. Do u all think ike does not have a girlfriend.

@tascaramel2: You people crying about Ike following his woman will continue crying cus he wont stop they wont stop,he will still follow her to owerri on friday lol,my faves still serving content and peppering motherfuckers outside d house y’all must deal or log out

@___amah: But why’s ike following her around?! Does he think his success is tied with her destiny?

#Ike #Mercy

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