The christmas check notes Credo Diamond Star iphone 11 pro.

This gold and diamond encrusted jesus phone is the absolute most

Xmas Real

I've been in this game long enough that i didn't think anything could surprise me anymore. but i suppose i was a little wrong, because caviar's latest blinged-out iphone definitely got a reaction out of me.

The phone is called the checks notes credo Diamond christmas star iphone 11 pro. it's part of a whole Credo collection, each marked with religious iconography. The Diamond christmas star, which is an otherwise normal iphone 11 pro covered in 18-karat gold and a 3.05-karat diamond, is one of a kind (though it dose come in pro and max style).


underneath that popsocket of a gemstone is a card image of the nativity, with mary and joseph watching over the baby jesus. Now, i'm no theologian, but that manger looks an awful lot like a cozy little bed. Also, jesus appear to be at least five, judging by his size.

Credit - caviar

i haven't even mentioned the best part yet: thsi little piece of indulgence cost $129,050. For comparison, caviar's 24-karat gold iphone x with putin's face would "only" set you back about $5,000 read more

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